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You could be me! I'm 5'6" and 114 pounds at 8 weeks, still nursing my toddler. I'm trying to eat as much as I can but so often any kind of food just makes me gag. I have to eat foods of a certain texture and very very small bites to avoid it, which means I'm munching on something pretty much all day. And if I accidentally go too long, I get really nauseated, and I can't eat at all until I throw up, which can take hours. Not fun. I've started to gain a little bit of...
My milk isn't completely dried up but it's getting there. My left side is MUCH more painful than my right, so I haven't been letting my daughter nurse on it for a few days and it's not even sore. Even a week or so ago I would have ended up engorged if I'd tried that.   ~Rose
Around five weeks I started sleeping about 12 hours a night and could fit in a 2 hour nap if I had the chance! I'm actually starting to feel a bit better (9 weeks on Saturday) except now the vomiting has started!   ~Rose
I bought a used 4malmal ring sling from TBW and I adore it, and I want another one! It has just the right amount of padding, it's a super soft woven cotton, and it has a pocket in the tail... But the website isn't working for me and the email gets returned with an error. Anyone know if they went out of business or something? ~Rose
I want two people to know when I go into labor. My best friend and my midwife. If we end up needing to take my daughter somewhere else, she's probably just going to go stay with a neighbor or my sister in law, and our phones are going to be off and my family knows that I'll call once the baby is born. I hope they remember from last time that calling me twice a day to ask if I've had the baby yet is a straight ticket to me screening my calls. I'm just going to explain to...
This was very recent, in the past two weeks or so. I had really wanted her for my homebirth in August and was all for it until the other midwife had to stop attending out of hospital births. ~Rose
I am making cupcakes. From a box. Yellow cupcakes, some with chocolate frosting and some with strawberry. And sprinkles. YUM.   ~Rose
I think 20 weeks is perfect. You'll be pregnant enough they can probably tell the sex (if that's going to influence your decorating), but you won't be too pregnant to want to do anything.   ~Rose
Becky had to stop doing homebirths, the midwife she worked with had to stop due a conflict with her other employer. Sucks!! I was planning on a homebirth with her, I've been going to the birth center socials (which are pretty fun, they're at the birth center every 3rd Thursday) and so I'd really gotten to know her. Boo!   I have a consultation with Chris Wednesday after this one, I'm hoping she'll be a good fit!   ~Rose
I don't know if this is something you'd feel comfortable with, but I've been looking for another nanny job for a while! I am very AP with my daughter (three years old in February) and have a lot of experience as a nanny and caretaker. PM me if you'd like to talk more. =) ~Rose
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