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Oh man, bbq chicken sounds so good! With corn on the cob and a fresh salad and some pineapple! I could SO go for some of that!   I am definitely looking forward to my summer birth, the berries will be in full season around when I give birth!   ~Rose
I had poly with my first baby, too- a lot of the same complications- posterior baby, AROM, long labor, hemorrhage from stretched out uterus, etc. However, you're NOT any more likely to have it with this pregnancy than you were with your last, so still about 1%.   Spinning baby techniques can get your baby into the right position, even with lots of water, especially if you can submerse yourself. I stayed in the tub for most of my labor rolling around and doing lots of...
I'm doing dual-care with the CNMs at the hospital I gave birth at last time, since those prenatals are free and I can get all my tests and ultrasounds for free. My homebirth midwife is willing to see me less often to reduce what I'm paying her. I really love the CNM I saw last time and I wanted to include her in this pregnancy. It's also really nice because they're great about calling prescriptions in for me when I need something for nausea or yeast infections or...
Oooh you know what sounds good? FUNNEL CAKE.   ~Rose
Yes. Very normal. I cry at the drop of a hat all through my pregnancies. I cried watching Lord of the Rings (which I've seen about 20 thousand times) and not during any of the actual sad scenes, but at the BATTLE scenes because they were *sniff* SO *sniffle* BRAVE. *sob*   So it's not just you. =P   ~Rose
I'm seven weeks and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in most of my pants. I've taken to wearing lots of yoga pants. =P ~Rose
They're wrong that you have to wait six hours before nursing. Hale's lists it as an L2, which is comparable to a B risk in pregnancy, which means it is safe to nurse right after. There are lots of other NSAIDs that could help, maybe Indocin?   Do you know what your placenta looked like after birth? Were there any chunks missing? Has your lochia been very heavy, or have you passed any clots?   ~Rose
I lost my mucous plug at 37w6d, and was gave birth at 38w2d. So, it can take a few days!   ~Rose
Seconding another test. If you hadn't gotten your fertility back early before, and you've been practicing all the rules for LAM, it is very unlikely that you could get pregnant- but possible!   ~Rose
I had one like that in my last pregnancy, and while it got the job done, it wasn't very comfortable or useful once my belly got really, truly huge.   I'm getting this one this time: http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Maternity-Support-Belt-Strong/dp/B000WFY1QW/ref=br_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2ZA427YH21CLQ&colid=3JRXV5INQXLBQ   ~Rose
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