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I am not vaccinating my children.  That being said, last year my daughter was born at 31 weeks and qualified for the RSV shots at the Alberta Childrens Hospital.  My initial reaction was to decline and that really shocked the nurse.  She said no on declined.  I had a follow up call with the head nurse and she was able to send me the insterts from the shots as well as all of the backup research that has been done.  I found that there was no reaction to children until...
Thank you so much for sharing your story.  This is my biggest fear for my daughter and I have been wondering how the best way to keep her safe is. 
What could your parents have said to you, or done when you are little that would have prevented you from being abused.  What warning signs did they miss?  What kind of situations do you not allow your child in due to your experiences? 
I agree with Kathymuggle.  I never understand why people with kids who are vaxd feel like my un-vaxed kid is a threat to them.  
I don't have any advice but just wanted to say that I hope I am the kind of mom that you seem to be.  You should be proud of yourself. 
I am glad we did not lie. If we had told them she was vaccinated they would not have run the extra test. It was only a blood test to see if her white blood cell count was up.  They weren't going to do a spinal tap until they got the results of the blood test.  By the time the blood test came back the tylenol had kicked in and she was feeling better and was really social.  They ruled out meningitis based on her energy level after the tylenol.
Your friend caught it from doing construction work and I have a friend who got HIV from fighting.  Ya right.  Didn't have anything to do with the strippers he used to sleep with on a regular basis.   You catch Hep B the same way you catch HIV.  Blood, Semen, bodily fluids from one person entering the other.
We were at the ER a couple of weeks ago with our 1yr old.  She had been having a low grade fever on and off for 4 weeks and had a runny nose.  We had taken her to the Dr. 3 times already and were prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection.  The ER totally brushed us off and gave us a lecture about giving antibiotics when she probably just had a virus.  We were told she was catching something new every 4 weeks from daycare.  They said daycare = sick baby.  They were...
I didn't have any indication that I was going to deliver early, but they were not checking my cervix.  I had an ultrasound to check the baby's size 2 days before she was born , but cervical length wasn't something they were looking for.  My OB and midwife work together occasionally and both respect each other a great deal. It is nice to feel like I am getting the care I need and want. I think if at 36 weeks you are still OK, the baby is OK, and the cerclage is out...
I had my daughter at 31 weeks, so we are doing parallel care to prevent it from happening again.  I consulted my OB for the preventative cerclage but we all (OB, midwife, DH and myself) have agreed on closely monitoring my cervix instead.  How it is working for us is our midwives are our primary care providers and they consult the OB on the course of care.  We are going to be doing multiple ultrasounds to check for cervical lenght starting at 18 weeks.  We see the...
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