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This is the FIRST time I have not had baby fever soon after the baby was born. In fact, I am enjoying watching our baby develop, and cherishing every moment as "the last time" I will see it -- without feeling sad! Really, I don't think I can handle going through the whole ordeal of pregnancy again. Even birth now scares me after experiencing a shoulder dystocia last time. And besides, the thought of now planning for the future rather than starting from scracth with...
Olivia will be 8 weeks old tomorrow (where has the time gone???) and she is a joy! What a calm and happy baby she is. Totally different from how she was in my tummy :LOL Anyway, this is also my 4 week on anti-depressants... I had bad PPD at weeks 3 and 4. Crying all the time, having scary thoughts, feeling like the kids would be better off without me. Freaky. I never experienced that before. Then the doctor had me on Celexa and the depression is gone. The problem is that...
I have been having some bad problems with recurrent thrush this time around, so I had to introduce a bottle 4 weeks ago, so my nipples could take a break 1-2 times a day. Luckily, unlike her siblings, DD had no problem accepting the bottle! We have an Avent bottle.
I am I had severe after pains for almost a week, and only began feeling relief from the bruised/beat up feeling on my body from giving birth at 3 weeks (could barely walk) Then at 3 weeks I developed mastitis and now thrush It's been tough...
DD will be 4 weeks old this Sunday, and I am still bleeding
Loved your birth story!! Congrats :
Congratulations!!! :
Beautiful little boy!!!! Congratulations :
I would like to send the same wishes!! I was here daily before, but now I can't find the time Congrats to all of you and easy labor vibes for the mamas still waiting
Ultrasound measurements are notoriously wrong at this point. I had a 11lb baby and nobody was able to guess that. And a 8lb baby everybody thought was going to be a lot bigger... I personally would NOT have a c-section. And that's after having had a shoulder dystocia scare for 2 minutes last time - I pushed her out with the next contraction when I shifted my body, so it was no problem after all. Just make sure not to labor on your back.
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