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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get raw milk close by to Sturbridge, MA?  Central Mass or northern CT (around I-84 and Mass border).  Thanks!
My DD just turned 6 and she's had underarm BO for the past few months (so started when she was 5).  We notice it in the evening especially if she has been physically active during the day.  She is now showering every evening.  Should I be concerned?  It seems so young to have BO.  I'm wondering if there are foods I should be taking out of her diet.  She drinks a little local pasteurized milk from our local farm (cows are grass fed and fed their own grown corn).  She eats...
Amyem - where do you get your raw milk from in Mass?
Natural News has a lot of information on the BS.  I will be flying out of Boston in a few weeks with my 3 and 5 yr old.  I am hoping to go through the regular metal detector but if told to go through the body scanner, we will be opting for a full pat down in public.  I will request a female for me and the kids.  I will not want to go into a private room - I would rather the public see what they are subjecting us too.  My neighbor flies out of Boston a lot and has not...
I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a lyme disease pediatric specialist - anywhere in central Mass or northern CT. Thanks!
Welcome to the area! I'll pm you. BTW - glad to hear of the good rec for Dr. Dan (dentist) - thinking of switching to him. In Charlton too - nice to know there are fellow MDCers nearby!
I love West Brookfield Family Practice. Not sure if that is too far for you. My PCP is an osteopath/homeopath. There is another DO in the practice and some MDs. PM if you would like more info.
Here's a thread from a question I recently posted on the Mass tribal board. Click on the thread from the first response for some good example letters. http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1182604
Would love to hear some of your frugal ideas for favors for my 5 yr old's "princess" bday party. She's having it at her dance school (dance class and cake) so I can't do a craft to take home type thing. I do not like the junk normally in favor bags and would love to give something that I do not have to put in those plastic favor bags. Or, is all the fun for kids actually opening the bag to see what's in it? Thanks!
I think my 5 yo DD may have Molluscum contagiosum. I first noticed a couple of lesions end Dec. She has only about 5-6 lesions - all near her belly button and thigh, the largest one disappeared 2 weeks ago. Should I just wait for the others to disappear too or is there a natural cream I can apply? I thought about trying tea tree oil or should I just leave them alone? Thanks.
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