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I can understand your frustration and get why you'd be mad, but your doctor does not need to ask your permission to take a vacation. Yes he should have mentioned it to you but you can't say for sure how long he's had this trip planned. Poor thought on his part to not give you a heads up but I don't see why you feel he needs to ask PERMISSION. He doesn't answer to you.
Yes, it was very one-sided.
Quote: Originally Posted by Savoir Faire Honestly, I'm sensing a lot of excuses on here. I understand why-- you're in a tough position right now-- but you've got to stop the excuses. Now. No one will buy the snow mobile or the 4 wheeler? Price them lower. 2 people do not need 3 cars, especially if he's just leaving one of the cars at a friend's place all day long. Could you work at a day care center and bring your child with you? Desperate times...
Working at night isn't an option right now because DH doesn't have a set time he's home. Like for the last week and a half, he hasn't been home before 11 pm. Perhaps this winter, when he's generally home by dark, I can look into a night job.
We've been able to work with most of our creditors to lower our payments, and DH has been able to work extra hours so we may be able to pay off a couple of the smaaler bills. He has also decided to sell his car, which we have gotten fixed. Selling that will enable us to pay off that debt as well as his truck, saving us quite a lot every month. We have been working really hard to get rid of other debt and stay out of bankruptcy. I looked into credit counseling and found...
I found the Foogos to be kinda heavy and DS was not interested in using them. I have 3 if anyone is interested lol. I got him a BPA-free Nalgene bottle. He loves that one.
I love my bags from Loving Touch Wetbags on HC. Hers all have zippers, she has the cutest prints I've ever seen, and she puts handles on anything bigger than a small so you can hang it out of the way. I have a hanging pail from her and it holds 3 1/2 days of diapers for my 14 month old. That thing is awesome. http://hyenacart.com/lovingtouchwetbags/
We have always had a joint account. All our money is pooled for family expenses, regardless of who "worked for it". It is family money, and we have always done it that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by VanessaS Maybe it's not really a gifted problem but more of a general parenting problem. Or people problem. I've experienced this "I'm/my kid's above the rules thing" with a lot of other people. But it seems like gifties and their parents should be especially careful as we are already so often accused of elitism. Sort of like black people or women have to be better at everything just to be treated the same (and I've been...
I love my Beco.
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