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Thank you guys that is really helpful! I picked up some copper yesterday and will apply it today. This is only my second year of having a garden.
I am 99.9% sure my tomatoes have septoria leaf spot. I went to home depot today and the product they recommended is scary to say the least. I have been researching organic treatments for this disease like crazy and can't seem to find the product I need (copper hydroxide) in a small home garden quantity. Does anyone know of a way for me to fix this without dumping horrendously toxic chemicals into my soil? Please help me! All 14 of my tomato plants are infected and...
I have a variety of OS and I do not put my OS with velcro in the dryer and that seems to help the velcro last longer
Quote: Originally Posted by goodheartedmama You can use alba's unpetroleum jelly with cloth. It's just like vaseline I was planning on getting the petroleum free kind anyway I just couldn't remember what it was called. But I still have to use something to protect the cloth, right?
Thank you! I will do that.
What specifically did you line them with? Sorry if that is a silly question but like I said this is my first time us cloth with a newborn.
I had the same problem with mine when DS reached about 13 months. A friend told me to start using 2 microfiber inserts each time and haven't had a problem since. He is almost 20 months now and I have never had to strip my diapers and have not had a problem with leaks or wicking either.
I know that most moms on here don't circ, but we do so for religious reasons. I didn't start using cloth with my first son until he was a few months old and I am due with my second son in a few weeks. I am wondering if there is a mom out there who used cloth with her son from the beginning with her circumcised son? What did you put on the penis to keep it from sticking to the diaper? You can't use vaseline, correct? Should I just use disposables the first few days...
I am pregnant with my second child and looking for some new baby and/or big brother books to read with my oldest child (he is 19 months) to help prepare him for the arrival of his little brother in a few weeks. I picked one up the other day and we read it before bed last night. I was terribly disappointed, it is full of bottles and discussion of how big brothers get to eat pizza and ice cream. Does anyone know if a more AP/NL friendly book or where I can go to look for one?
I just got mine in the mail this week. I haven't used it yet. All the settings are a little overwhelming. How on Earth am I supposed to get my 18 month to sit still long enough to figure out what setting works best for him? The inserts do seem to be a little thicker. I wonder how many layers of microfleece they used?
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