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subbing.... just wanted to say HI to everyone and that I'm thinking about you all. Autumn - CONGRATS! Adie and Ilovemykids - I'm so sorry. Big big hugs.
oxford - no, we are actually done :-) Our DD (used doner sperm) is 3 1/2 and our DS (from our only successful IVF) just turned a year. I keep up on this thread because I still know people on it, and in the process find myself entrenched in others journeys that weren't here yet when I was :-) I've been on since my first cancelled cycle (due to severe hyperstim possibilities) back in 2008 (we started TTC in 2006). But whenever I feel like I can help someone from my...
Welcome Tiny and Oxford - I hope your stay here is short and sweet! Congrats Adie!!! What a wonderful thing to see the heartbeat :-) Mo - Have fun (insert Dr Evil type laugh here). Oxford - I just wanted to throw this in for what it's worth if you only get one free shot at IVF. For me it took 4 attempts at IVF to get my meds protocal right, the first 2 got cancelled partway in (so I'm not sure if cancelled cycles would use up your one shot?) the third was a miserable...
shesaidboom - I'm so sorry you had difficulties, but am glad that you're back! He's a CUTIE!!! Hi to everyone else! AAM - Baby boy turned a year old a couple of weeks ago, he has 6 teeth (I think working on some more) and has been walking for over 2 months. He's growing so fast. I have NO IDEA where the time went. I swear it went so much faster with him than my DD's first year. We are doing well, DH got a new job and has had more home time recently, but I know...
adie and monkey - CONGRATS!!!!! Here's to a h&h 9 months!
subbing.... Milk - I'm so sorry you keep going through it. I don't have any words of wisdom, simply want to say that I'm thinking about you and sending you bigggg hugs. X - Yeah for AF!!! Hi to everyone else - I keep thinking about you all!
LAGGIE!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! I was so excited to see this! Here's hoping for GREAT beta numbers today! Let us know!!!
Right they cant deny but if you say no and then they get claims to pay for delivery i believe they can still get you for fraud. i would be honest.
Congrats Lilac - they are perfect! What a wonderful Christmas miracle!
Happy Holidays to everyone! sourire congrats on a girl! lilac hope all is well!
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