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Just checking in on everyone.... hope you're all ready for the,holidays!
Lilac - you amaze me :-) Pregnant with twins right up to your due date!!! I keep up hope that you won't need that induction on Friday!!!
Sourire - I love to see that ticker moving along... can't believe you're almost 20 weeks already!!!
Silver - so sorry about your BFN :-( Glad (but not really) to see you. Monkey - sorry to see you back - hope it happens quick for you this time around!!! Sorry about the MC :-( TFTB - Big Hugs. I've been wondering about you. X - I've been thinking about you. Milk - how are you?! Hi to everyone else, and Welcome to all the new members - this is a great group!!
Lilac - I just keep checking... checking... checking.... in on you :-) Hope you are doing well, i'm sure you can't wait to meet those babies!!! Hi to everyone else!!
Lilac - I was wondering this myself. Can't wait to hear the good news!! Thinking of everyone, and loving the pics of the newest babes to our group!
Just lurking to make sure I am able to keep up on everyone's journeys.... big hugs to everyone.
Congrats happy! can't wait to see a picture! rcr she is so precious!
Congrats rcr! can't wait to hear about it and see a pic! I'm so glad you got the birth you wanted!!
wissa! omg what a cutie pie!! i was just wondering earlier today about this thread and how everyone was doing. noooo, not trying again lol. we are done at 2, its all we ever planned, so we are happy. we aren't preventing but with our mfi I'm not worried, and if it were to happen then it'll be one more loved miracle in our lives lol. how bout you? monkey I'm sorry for your loss. how is everyone else?
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