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Happy - so sorry about the scare, but glad to know that the bloodwork came back good. Fingers crossed that Friday shows all is well. Lilac - Hang in there!!! Suzie - how's little Beth? Did she get to where she needed to be? HI to everyone else, hope you are all well, I keep checking in but haven't really been touching base. DS is growing like a week, almost 10 months already. He's got his 2 bottom teeth, and I think he's working on all 4 of his first top teeth right...
I would love to try this out for my baby!
I would love to try this out for my baby!
Congrats Suzie - she is beautiful!!
Sourire glad to hear things continue to go well! suzie - thinking about you, can't wait for the good news! Hi to everyone else!
C ongrats guppy and awesome job keeping them in,for so long!
SOURIRE - I am SO happy for you!! Congrats!! X - Here's to hoping that they continue to do what they're supposed to do!
Hey Guys!! Just wanted to drop by and say HI and welcome to all the newly pg mama's! Guppy - glad to hear that the babes are still hanging around in there :-) lilac - sounds like you've got lots of good clothes! We had (still have even as she gets bigger) tons of hand me downs for my 3yo DD. My DS? Not so much. I've done a massive amount of thrift store shopping and catching the amazing sales anywhere I can find them to try to stock up slowly.... but no boys...
Coming out of lurkdom.... Sourire - keeping my fingers crossed that this is it for you!! Laggie - Like X said a positive OPK is actually a good sign... I have never been an addictive POASer but when I got pg last year I just knew it worked and couldn't help myself... but DH didn't want me to so I didn't have any in the house... but what I did have were some OPK's and that was the first positive I got a few days before I pee'd on a real HPT!! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Ahhhh guys! Vireos - huge congratsi can't wait to hear all about it! Shesaid - yeah! Can't wait to hear! Congrats and good luck!!
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