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Sure, it was actually very simple apparently megadoses of vitamin c and a supplement of quercetin. One website I read said to take 5-6 g of quercetin but I read on another site that more than 1g can damage your kidneys so I am sticking to the 1g of quercetin and right now I am only taking 2-3g of vitamin c. As I think over 3g can  prevent pregnancy by killing off the sperm so at least during o time I'll keep the vitamin c lower and then perhaps ramp up after the window of...
All I can say is wow. I took a break from the thread for a while and today read 10 pages. You ladies have been busy. I send a heartfelt hug out to Litma your story as it unfolded had be riveted. I am sorry for the outcome for you but it sounds like you are very fertile and your ovaries are healthy. I hope for you a positive outcome as you heal and begin to TTC in the future.    Waturmama thank you for your PM and it was so wonderful of you to remember my day. I was...
I appreciate that we all have very personal opinions and thoughts on this matter but I am really going to ask that we follow Litmama's suggestion that we not become divisive here. Perhaps the spirituality board would be a better place. These are very personal decisions that every woman and her partner need to decide on their own and that personal aspect needs to be respected. We do all try very hard to TTC and it's a very personal path we take to get here. I hope we all...
congratulations 3surfboys how exciting. 
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate today. Welcome to the new people.   Waturmama really hoping this is your month. What an awesome end to the year. We missed this month, really bad timing so I am just waiting for the cycle to be over and hope next cycle is better. I am bummed too because my temp. is nice and high, sensitive breasts the day after ovulation so it was probably a good egg and it was wasted. Oh well, can't do anything about it now. 
Mittens your chart is beautiful. A little bit of a slow rise but nice high temperatures now.
waturmama glad you found us sorry I forgot to put a link in the old thread.
winter thread is up and running here http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1335938/warm-winter-wishes-and-bfps-40-ttc
Updated to here. Interesting how different people respond to different diets. I am still gluten free and I am actually enjoying discovering new ways to cook. I am interested in Paleo but like using different grains ans legumes. I would hate to have to learn to cook without them they make going gluten free tolerable. My inflammation has decreased significantly but not 100%, also it didn't help with my cycle just had a 38 day annovulatory cycle. Oh well, onward an upward....
The Winter thread is finally up. Sorry for the delay. I think I have updated all the new people, if you want me to include your age please put it in bold on the new thread. I think I may be missing a BFP or a baby or two so please check and make sure I have your information updated.   Thanks   Kristin   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1335938/warm-winter-wishes-and-bfps-40-ttc#post_16744735
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