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I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's adorable pics..they helped keep me going when I was losing hope of ever meeting my baby :) I thought I would add a couple of my own..here is Jakia born 11-5 at 42 weeks 5 days gestation. {at birth} (can't figure out why it won't rotate)
  I totally felt the same! But I finally had my baby last night 11-5 at 42 weeks 5 days. I gave in and consented to a stretch and sweep on Fri afternoon and started labor Sat morning...I got to have my unassisted homebirth and it was great :)
Me! I'm still here. 42 weeks 3 days. My biggest mental block is now over with (a meeting at my sons school this morning) and I am hoping I go into labor before my appt tomorrow afternoon. I do not have any desire to be induced but I know the midwife and OB will really pressure me. I am trying to decide if I should allow a sweep..it's an intervention and I am really hoping to avoid all interventions!! The baby is moving well still and as long as the tests come back ok my...
42 weeks today and still no action :/  I am trying to stay positive but it is hard...the best thing now would be for the baby to stay safely inside until Friday because I have to be at my son's school most of the day Thursday and the only thing that can keep me from going is if I am pushing the baby out. It is life changing for my son so I really don't want to miss the meetings. I never thought with a guess date of Oct 17th that I would be having a NOV. baby!!
Beautiful thanks so much for sharing! I have been watching videos in anticipation of my first homebirth (41 weeks today!) and love how you sounded! I sounded the same during my last two births and have been trying to prepare my kids for this but most of the videos I have come across the women are too quiet!! I especially loved "oh baby come out!" ""I did it! I did it" brought tears of joy to my eyes :) Congrats!!
41 weeks today and still not a sign of impending labor. Funny how much I am looking forward to feeling some pain. The baby was super active last night and I could not sleep...I haven't had insomnia since high school and I sure didn't miss it. I'm so tired right now that going into labor would probably be exhausting. My sister is here from out of town for the week and so the pressure is on...I don't think she would have planned to spend her vacation with us except that...
I was due Monday the 17th and usually go a few days to a week over so it's expected..but I am feeling like it's never going to happen!! Especially since it seems everyone I know has gone around 38-39 weeks lately.  
Ok now I am getting impatient. My son's field trip is over and I know I have alot of other things to deal with in the next couple weeks (such as my son getting expelled from school!) So this weekend would be a good time for her to come (because holding out to 44 weeks just isn't my idea of fun). And apparently I am getting a little cranky about it because I just snapped on my friend for texting me to ask if the baby was here yet. Ummm don't you think I would be so...
Today is my "guess date" and I don't think I will be seeing my baby anytime soon. I was totally OK with this until last night when I got news an acquaintance has lost her baby at 34 weeks pregnant..now I just want my baby out and in my arms!!
Thank you for that encouraging post!! I *know* I will feel the same but I can't help feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of the extra "work" that I would rather keep her in. Posts like this and seeing every ones adorable baby pics get me excited to meet my baby girl
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