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So when I starting reading this, I was totally expecting something to be said that would have sent you running from the playground. So glad I was wrong! That was so cute.
Your baby sister is NOT a TOY. Please do not treat her like one!
I see that you have 4 kids what are their ages/genders? How do they all get along with each other? Larger families seem to be dying out in modern society. Did you grow up in a large family? Did your dh? What drives you to want a large family? How do you manage those times when the "herd" gets out of control? Banish them outside? Ear plugs? Duct tape? What are your favorite parenting books/strategies for dealing with a larger brood?
Has anyone else heard about this? They are starting a randomized, long-range study of 100,000 children in the US, following them from before birth to age 21. There have been a ton of radio ads in my area lately, because southern Maine was selected as one of the study sites. I called the hotline because I was curious about signing up, and the lady told me that they were going to randomly select neighborhoods to draw people from so I couldn't just enroll. I was really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Almamiel The nose of a super hero thing sucks - I love Thai food, but now every time dp makes it there's something in the smell of it that I can't stand - it is the worst smell ever. He spent the whole summer growing the right herbs and veggies to supply me with Thai, too Oh that sucks! Last pg my dh had to go to the deli counter for me at the grocery store cause it smelled so bad. Isn't as much of a problem this...
Favorite tv shows? I don't watch much tv because I'm mostly too busy but I've fallen in love with the show Modern Family. The episode where they went to Hawaii is my favorite. At one point, after the family with young kids gets off the plane, the husband turns to his wife and is trying to be all romantic and she says to him "Honey, I'm a mother traveling with her three children. This isn't a vacation; it's a business trip!" I laughed myself sick! Favorite music? I...
I have three cats, supposedly to keep down the rodents but, being the pampered house cats they are, they kinda suck at it. But I love them anyway. The oldest one, Dante, is ten and is very tolerant of babies pulling his tail and just generally being hard on him. I am planning a VBAC, with my amazing MW. I am doing shadowcare with an OB practice, just in case. I'm trying to decide whether to have a HB or go to my MW's birth center. I live 30 minutes from the nearest...
I've never heard of this. Hope it is nothing to worry about. Keep us posted!
Quote: Originally Posted by ryleeee i just...really love the homeless, i have always had a super soft spot in my heart for them. and social work is definitely my calling...or so i think. The world needs more people like you.
A social worker for the homeless population? Lady, you've got guts; that is an emotional tough job! What made you decide on that for a career?
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