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I am so sorry.
everything she said! For me it still seems a bit surreal but I always have a phase like that early on. Once I feel movement I really get into it.
I changed my profile pic to one of my dh and I when I was pg last time and then posted a status of (my name) thinks four is a nice round number. Most people got it right away!
Thank you Katie, for taking care of it and for returning the thread!
Really cool. And the picture on the cover was awesome.
Partaria just said it all!
Oh. My. God. Please, for your own good, take that entire post and make it into a letter to the administrator of the HMO. What you experienced what NOT acceptable and should NOT be ignored. You did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment and it should be addressed. I'm so sorry that happened to you.
I usually feel movement at 12 weeks - 9 seems really early, but who knows? Maybe!
I'm so sorry
I'm sorry to laugh, but it is kinda funny. I've been craving hamburgers, and not the fast food kind but a really good restaurant hamburger. One day two weeks ago I HAD to have Pasta Alfredo. It was wonderful, but I couldn't eat it again, and my MIL ate the leftovers for me.
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