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Adina, Jordan is exhausting, isn't he??? I wonder if he'll EVER finish the series. But it's so good, I forgive him for being so long-winded. Just finished Guy Kay's A Song for Arbonne and Ann Rice's The Witching Hour (does that count?). But since babe was born, I don't think I'll be reading too much in the coming weeks. -Melissa
So adorable!!! Congrats! -Melissa
Posted my birth story with my announcement here -Melissa
Haven't had time to get on the computer, or I would have posted this sooner. Sarah arrived on March 20 at 3:50 pm. 8lbs, 4oz and 21.5 inches long. I wish someone could explain to me HOW exactly a baby that big was doing backflips in my belly a week before birth!! Birth was interesting. Was in early labor sat evening, went to bed, then woke up at 1:20 am when my water broke. It had meconium in it, so the MW had me go into the hospital. Cx at this point were 5 min...
Everyone sing now!!! My water broke at 1:20ish am after early labor since 7:30 pm. Wish me luck... looks like mecominum in the fluid. -Melissa
eminer: good to hear from you. Love the image of your tandem nurslings... so sweet!! Teensy: Congratulations! My daily update: I'm still here, still waiting. Felt very yucky yesterday, lots of cx last evening, then slept all night and now not much is going on. I'm having difficulty even writing about it. It's so very discouraging. DD wants to share computer time, so I'll post more later. -Melissa
Maya, your story makes me want to sing and cry at the same time. So wonderful and happy. Congratulations, mama!!! -Melissa
Congratulations! Can't wait for pictures! -Melissa
Congratulations! -Melissa
Warning: pity party in progress I'm still here, too. EDD was Wednesday. I really thought this baby would be here either weds or thurs. Woke up thurs with regular cx, but they stopped after an hour. Now, I'm just sitting and waiting. My mom is here until Monday, then she flies back to Fla and I won't see her again probably until July, if then. I want this baby to come while she is here. Had LOTS of cx last night and was vaguely nauseous, so I was thinking maybe...
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