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6 kids is awesome! Did you (or your dh) grow up in a big family?
I just realized our kids are the same age! My dd3 was born 7.1.09!
Oh, my. That's not pouring, that's a HURRICANE! Sending you many many and good vibes. I'm so sorry about your dog. Losing a pet, especially that way, is soooo hard.
Yay for you both!
Hey everyone! Been feeling pretty good over here, though it's hit or miss. If I don't have my egg sandwich for breakfast I'm sick all day. If I have that, I'm pretty good to go. I made a wonderful quiche on Sunday, and will use it for lunches all week. Soooo good, and it's good cold too, so I can snack on it at my desk at work. I really need to put some thought into my wardrobe soon. I'm not going to fit into my normal clothes for much longer. It got COLD the...
First, I just wanted to send you a big huge hug. The funny thing about words like that is that they say more about the person who says them then they do the person about whom they were said. To me, it sounds like SHE is the one who is poor, and therefore expects that anyone else that works the same job that she does must be as well. SHE couldn't afford a child, and therefore you must not be able to either. I bet she is soooo jealous of you, that somehow you manage...
Quote: Originally Posted by elonwy I forgot about my mobile me. I found a few pics. I can't find the penguin ones though, they might be on my work computer. The Victorian one is for the Dickens Christmas Faire, which is a total blast. The link would help... *sigh* http://gallery.me.com/elonwy#100009 Ahh, attack of pregnant brain! Those costumes are awesome! That victorian one is amazing. I met a woman at a civil war reenactment this...
I'm so sorry.
Of course, now that it's football season I may not see him too much for the next couple months anyway!
2nd trimester is always when the drive kicks back in for me, then it disappears again during 3rd trimester. I notice our relationship suffers when we go too long without, though, so I try to make the effort even when I don't feel like it all that much. Always works out in the end!
New Posts  All Forums: