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I won't either. Regarding the latest commercial I saw, claiming that the flu vax will continue to protect the baby up to 6 mos after birth: so will nursing I actually had H1N1 last October when my dd3 was just shy of 4 mos old. She didn't catch a thing! I however, was sick out of work for two whole weeks, and suffered from the cough for two months total. It was miserable. None of the rest of my family caught it either, but my dh's family is almost embarrassingly...
Teehee - I've always wanted to join up with the SCA but never had the time. My dh calls them the Society for Crazy Americans. Affectionately, I should add. One of the first things we did together was D&D. What kind of costumes do you make? Do you have any pictures you can share?
MEcatlady: you reminded me of a very important comparison. The food at Me Med sucked! The food at Mercy is great!
What are you studying? That seems like quite a variety
Quote: Originally Posted by Evergreen samstress, your questions are awesome? Where do you come up with them. I'm like, uhhhh duhhh... I'm now intimidated that I offered to take a turn!
Quote: Originally Posted by sewingsparklz Thanks for the suggestion. I am already taking 1/2 a Unisom with B6 before bed. Does that count? 100mg. Also, I think now I had a light stomach bug on top of all this, or else the blood draw made me have similar symptoms. Hmmm...I feel a bit better today. I'll check what I'm taking when I get home and will let you know. Glad to hear you are even a bit better today!
I too am only queasy if I don't eat so I'm snacking all the time. I'm having a really hard time eating my veggies though, all I want is meat and carbs! I love veggies too, and now they are seriously revolting. I've never had a pregnancy where I wasn't constantly nauseous; I could almost forget I'm pg! Except for being tired all the time and having no stamina.
Welcome gypsy! Sparklz: when I had my bloodwork done she took four vials and I was sick the rest of the day. Since I started taking a b complex vitamin on top of my prenatal I've been feeling much better. Maybe that would help your nausea?
Praying you are well soon and that your little bean hangs in there!
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