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I'm in too!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you Charlotte!!!
Mamachef congrats on your trip to Hawaii! I'm so jealous.
I like the Odwalla super protein bars- not too sweet and they have 14 grams of protein. Their protein drinks are good too.
Quote: Originally Posted by elonwy I have massive mood swings and one of the ends is super crankiness. Completely irrational not attached to anything want to punch people just for being in the room crankiness. Fun times. Same here! Keep losing my temper with the kiddos. I'm trying really hard not too but its so hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by foreignerforlife I told a friend of mine last week that I'm pregnant (9 weeks) and she said she could tell as soon as she saw me. She said she could see it in my face. (I'm not showing yet.) That's so cool to have a friend that knows you that well! I totally have a bump already. I've told everyone for that reason.
I lost a lot of weight after my last baby, so most of my "normal" clothes were a bit big. They are fitting just fine now, so I'll be breaking out mat clothes pretty soon. I think I held on to some of them. Guess its time to start stalking Goodwill. One week after I found out I was pg my favorite jean shorts suddenly didn't fit. I wound an elastic around the button and through the button hole to get me through the day! That was the last day I wore those.
What a beautiful tattoo! I'm so glad someone was able to do that for you.
I'm so sorry fairylady. Sending you big hugs.
about the vasectomy. Congrats and welcome!
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