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I am! Totally normal.
Do any of the midwives deliver at the hospital? That might be an option too. If you are low-risk, an ob is more than you need IMHO.
I am so sorry. Sending you big hugs.
Sat down to lunch and remembered another! Place a fresh lemon quarter in your water glass. Stab it with your straw whenever the lemon taste dies down. One lemon quarter would usually last me all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by bolobear ps. my ob said that I can absolutely clean that catbox as long as the cats don't go outside or eat rodents. dh does it once a year. Heh, thanks for the hope, but my house was built in 1806 and it is rodent central around here. Mice, squirrels, chipmunks, we've had them all. In the house. Oh, and don't get me STARTED on the snakes! Congrats and welcome to the club!!!
What are your best nausea busting tricks? I was so sick for so long with dd2 (at 7 mos I was back UP to my pre-pg weight; almost got signed out of work) that I have gathered an impressive list of nausea busting tricks and I'm sure you ladies have some that I don't! I thought it might be good to have these located in one place, for everyone's use. Here's mine (some of these I'm sure you'll already know): 1. Eat before rising, but not the saltines - ditch the saltines...
MamaChef that is going to be a hard conversation. Good luck. I have a crazy mom as well; my break with her happened around my wedding. Lucky in one way to get it out of the way before I had kids, but, well, let's just say I don't look at my wedding photos even still, and I've been married for 11 years. Actually on topic - I was feeling pretty icky yesterday, but there's been a mild bug floating around the house, so I'm hoping that was it. My body temp is off, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nutter Me too. I totally was doing this too, until they finally stopped hurting.
I can't eat nuts when I'm feeling sick, as I don't like the texture. I'm a big fan of high-protein bars, but I also can't tolerate sweets so I'm picky about which ones I have on hand. Nature Valley has these Sweet/Salty bars now that are pretty good. I like the cashew ones - a granola bar with cashews in it, and then the bottom is coated in cashew butter. Almost, but not quite too sweet for me. I'm a meat eater, so often I'll cook up either a piece of chicken or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steady101 I don't like coffee and i never really drank caffeine to begin with. I would and still might on occassion have a regular coke or a hot tea, but even that is pretty rare. OT: IPTK forever. I promise I won't bring it up again!
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