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Too many solids... I agree. I'd nurse as much and as often as possible. Ditta to what Angela said!
I love that idea!!! Not weird at all!
California Baby Calendula Cream is the best thing!!! I am telling you that stuff is awesome!!
We have not used one yet with Chloe. Maybe I will get hubby to get ours from the storage building out back and see if she likes it.
I agree with the other posters. For sure sounds like a dairy problem to me.
I am right there with y'all. Chloe HATES HATES HATES the carseat. She hates the bouncy seat. She hates the Bumbo. She hates anything that involves not being in the sling, or wrap, or me holding her in my arms or nursing her basically. If I am not driving I sit with her in the back seat and the only thing that quiets her down is if my nipple is in her mouth the entire time. Thankfully I have large breasts that have been used up by my other babes and very pliable. LOL! It...
Thanks for the info. My dr. prescribed it for me today. (Z pack) I found this thread by doing a search to see if it's ok to take.
Thanks for your response. What about this new rotavirus? None of my other children have ever had that, or even been offered it.
Ok our new baby girl is 6 weeks old. She's due for a 2 month well baby visit on the 18th of Nov. I am looking at all the new info on vaccines and the new vaccines out there and am so confused as to what I should allow and what I shouldn't. This isn't my first rodeo - she's number 4. Our older children are vaccinated, though I did refuse some... and never allowed more than two shots per visit. My ped is very friendly on this and never bats and I when I tell him what I...
Congratulations!!!!! He is so adorable!!!
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