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I have a few inserts that are stained with BF poo - yep, right through the fleece inside the diaper. Sunning doesn't seem to be helping - any other thoughts or am I going to have to live with icky yellow splotchy inserts?
Have you tried Rolie Polie Baby's AIO's? They have really nice hemp tri-fold soakers and either PUL or limited edition print AIO's. If you hit the Rolie Polie website, she has some retailers who carry them in stock.
Just saw this Wendy and I wanted to say that this is simply amazing. I'm glad to hear both your kids are doing so well! Jennie
Have you tried or looked into a JamTots insert? They are hemp that you fold 2 different ways depending on the size of diaper you're using and the thickness you need... I don't use the large size yet in my large Fuzzi Bunz but I bet that they would be great in an XL Fuzzi.
The Rumpsters AIO from Rolie Polie Baby are nice too - they have a quick dry feature... you can get solids or super cute/chic prints too. Alot of her retailers have them in stock.
Me too! I had my twins at 29.5 weeks in 1999 (so they are 5.5 yrs old)but they were the size and maturity of 24-25 weekers at 1lb14oz and 2lb7oz due to complications in utero (Twin-to-twin transfusion). Matt had stage III ROP w Plus and can see (although I'm not convinced how well) and was finally diagnosed recently with mild spastic diplegia CP. Andrew (the bigger of the boys) had the easier stay in the NICU and came home after 8 weeks (compared to Matt's 12) but he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama25 Max, I can totally relate and have no answers. When I stay in my little bubble I can be in denial but then I take him out into the world reality hits smack in the face how he doesn't fit. Kim Ann Beautifully put. In our little world, the twins are just the twins.... when we go to our playgroup, the moms all know us and accept the boys with no questions asked, etc. When we venture forth, the stares and...
Help needed!! I saw the post on gift certificates and I'm wondering how to track them in Simply Accounting.... do I create an account for them and then when someone purchases one, it comes from there?? And for tax purposes, if someone purchases it, I assume it's tax free but can be applied to purchases but not taxes?
What about taking a portable clothesline and some pins to hang them up to dry so you don't have to keep feeding the dryer in a laundromat?
I've shared the album with the photos (sorry about the duplicates and the sailing pictures!). http://www.snapfish.com/thumbnailsha...556/t_=5856607 You can see the plinths in the background of some of the shots and Andrew working on an Arts & Crafts project - they use the plinths as tables as well.
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