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Well ladies, I think it's almost over for me. My latest beta came back only 342 which is only 50 higher than the one before. The nurse thought it might be ectopic, which is a whole other scary ordeal I don't want to think about now. I've come to terms that I am going to lose this pregnancy. I've cried to the point of dehydration. Now I just have to continue to wait until they decide what to do with me...which won't be until early next week at best. Thanks for all...
Nurse called with my second beta and it only is at 292 (first beta two days ago at 233). I'm crying my eyes out; she indicated this might mean a miscarriage. Please help...what do you know of situations like this?
Thanks everyone for your kind words!! Marly, congrats on twins!!!! How wonderful and exciting! Kristin, I totally feel you on the early HPT. I did the same thing and got the negative on the first try and was subsequently depressed all day long. Perhaps try testing in the mornings...that's when the urine is most concentrated. Hope4light, I'm so glad you checked in. I was hoping you would! Our situations are so very similar with IVF/ICSI male factor and cancelled...
I just got the call and I am officially Knocked Up!! My hcg level is at 233 and I go back on Thursday for the more bloodwork and make sure things are progressing. It's so surreal....I can't believe it's finally happening!!
Hi ladies! How is everyone doing? So I broke down again (I'm 9dp5dt) and I did an HPT this morning and clearly saw two lines!! My beta is on Tuesday so I will withhold excitement until then but this definitely gave me hope. Still don't really have any symptoms. Perdita, Kristin...how are you holding up?
Kristin, thanks for that breakdown of days!! It's total fodder for obsessive compulsive women like me. How are you and Perdita doing? I feel like we are the last of the April IVF chicks to finish up...and it can't come soon enough!! Marly/Soulshine, how are your little beans doing? I feel much better after hitting rock bottom the other day and POAS way too early. Thanks ladies for talking me off the ledge!
Perdita and Kristin, welcome to the tortourous 2ww, I am in the midst of it at 5 days past 5 day retrieval. It sucks. What sucks more is that I caved and POAS this morning with a BFN. I know it's early but I couldn't help myself and now I'm thinking my two embies didn't stick. To top it off, I don't really have any symptoms. I feel myself mentally spiraling down the rabbit hole...and I'm doing it to myself. Help!
NYgirl, welcome and we are all rooting for you!! As for me, I'm just waiting for my beta test which will be on the 13th and trying not to obsess in the meantime!!
Marly, HUGE congrats!!! I am so excited for you!! Question for the ladies who just went through the TWW...did you feel anything (aside from wanting the time to pass faster) on the day of the transfer? I've had some light cramping but other than that, I feel totally normal. Thanks for the insight!!
Perdita, congrats on getting through the retrieval...hopefully you can just take it real easy today. I got through my transfer (so I'm on the couch too) and DH and I decided to put in two perfect embryos that were already beginning to hatch. The nurse will call later to let us know how the freeze went on the rest.
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