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I'm so glad to see this thread again!! I've gained a couple lbs this winter too. I got so used to walking outside that excercising in the house just seems like torture now. I have been trying to do more strength training since I'm stuck inside. The only cardio I have been getting lately is from playing the Wii.
Thank you both. I'm reading Driven to distraction right now. My dr. recommended that and The out of sync child for me to read. I'm going to look for Taking Charge next time I'm out.
Can anyone recommend any good ones. This would be in regards to my 6 yr old son. Also has anyone read/tried http://www.amazon.com/Bobs-Guide-Sto...rdr_bb_product Thanks so much!
I thought what he did was ridiculous. I can see 5 lbs maybe, but 17 is just way over the top. Now next wk when he has a huge wieght loss they are going to be kicking themselves for not sending him home. I can't believe only one team voted for him.
I love this show too. It was one of my main inspirations for helping me lose weight. That and Bob is hot! I missed it on Tuesday. Who got voted off?
sorry double post
I really liked it too. I love Donald Sutherland. I'm not sure who plays the tranny though.
I loved it too! Very different.
When I need a quick snack I eat almonds and raisons. I can just throw some in a baggy and go.
How did you do it? changed my eating habits and started excercising How long did it take? about a yr and a half How long have you kept the weight off? I've been my current weight for about 4or 5 mths. I'm very comfortable with myself right now. I've lost 68lbs and feel great. Right now I'm working mostly on toning up. My stomach is still my biggest problem.
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