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3 intact boys, almost 8, almost 5, 2 yo. No problems.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to post. The information is very much appreciated. She got to breastfeed her little one yesterday afternoon for the first time and was up all night nursing him. I don't even know if they did the colostrum at all actually. I think she just put him to the breast first. Have to check on that, but most importantly, we are successfully nursing!
Quote: Originally Posted by woodchick Yeah, I figured our experiences were a bit different, but not knowing the OP's friend's situation I thought I'd toss our story into the ring. He failed his apgar test and was immediately put into cooling and she has not gotten to hold him or an opportunity to nurse, if that makes any difference. I know the OP's friend's situation. She had placental abruption.
MG, I hope he is okay. Sorry, I don't get to do message boards much these days. As we speak, Gabriel is having a fit to be picked up. Christian already knows "Mommy, babies don't like to be put down at all huh?" Nope, they don't Christian.... BUT, my first born is 6 today! : Gabriel hit his one month mark 2 days ago. : So many milestones. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony Sorry! I went to post here like 5 different times yesterday but children called. Absolutely nothing going on, this baby is very happy staying inside. Oh, Amy, so sorry. THis was so Gabriel. It is so dang annoying. No contractions doing any work, no plug, no nothin'. And then finally, he just came.
My boys are going to bed early, I don't care if they want to or not. I need a break.
Quote: Originally Posted by katie9143 if i had a quarter for every hispanic girl at the laundromat who asked me if amelia is "mine" i could buy a latte (at starbucks) Thankfully no one says anything to me or my husband, but I'm sure they think it... We have several ladies in our playgroup with mixed kiddos and we switch off kids on occassion to mix things up even further.
Quote: Originally Posted by Peony *la la la* I don't like your pattern of getting longer each time! I just woke up from a nap with Gabrielle, I won't sleep tonight because of it but I was too tired to stay awake. I can see naps for me are never going to happen anymore with 3 children so I figured I should get one last one in. I miss naps already. :yawning:
Amy This was my shortest pregnancy yet at 40 weeks, 3 days. sigh. Mine like it in there....
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