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I love having my little ones so close to me. They get the comfort of my heartbeat and I get the comfort of knowing they are so close.
also would love to win this for my girls!
liked gaia and mothering on fb!
I love the closeness to my girls. It feels safer in so many ways... and just adds to the attachment!
Love the variety of stainless steel water bottles! (my favourite is Sigg, but isn't it great that there are so many!!)
Recently I had some blood work done to check my thyroid and iron after the birth of my second baby. Thyroid was fine, but apparently I have much too much iron! I don't know how to lesson my iron intake while eating a mostly paleo diet and while continue to use my cast iron skillets... any ideas?   I also didn't realize that iron overload can lead to organ failure if not caught soon enough... scary stuff!
Thanks for the replies. Yes, we do live in a "farmy" area, and I have a pretty good garden going this year too. We had chickens too until they were all devoured one cloudy day by a fox. We are a part of a bulk buying group too...and so I can do the bulk thing quite easily- it just takes up front money. I do bone broths and lots of preserving- when I can. It is very easy to get down in the dumps and feel really depressed about it all when you realize that the outlook...
So we are just beginning a long phase of being exceptionally, not just wickedly, but insanely, poor. Like look into the cupboard and see cobwebs.  And I am trying to work out how to feed a family of four on this. With some dietary restrictions, but not too many. My husband is diabetic and my youngest and I have celiacs. We eat a ton of meat, beans, full fat dairy products, vegetables and some fruit. That is, when we have the funds for these things. I need to get some...
liked you... and my favs are the body suits. awesome.
does anybody do grain-free and struggle to keep weight ON? I am breastfeeding and already gluten free, just beginning to go grainfree, and I am terrified I won't be able to keep enough fats in me. Any tips? Or ideas? 
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