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you need a break. make sure and do something nice for yourself. you've just reached the breaking point and you need to recharge. i remember when my kids were two and five. it was rough! they're five and eight now and it is a completely new world, so much easier. hang in there, the older they get the easier it is.
This is such a subjective topic. Everyone is coming at it from their own perspective and I think with such a personal issue, it's really better to trust your own instincts.
Thanks for the reminder. I have done that before and it seems like if I don't make it a big deal then it doesn't become a big deal. He just does it.
this same thing happened with my five y/o son, we had an older girl over and I found them in the bathroom together, he was naked. She had told him to take his clothes off and he did. And then another time she was 'changing his diaper' on the bed. I freaked out and stopped having that girl over. My son didn't seem bothered by it, but I think it's too young. I found out later that this girl had been molested by a friend's older brother. He had put a pen in her vagina. ...
Yes! He's so smart and very intense, even a little bit nervous, if that's the right word. Kind of fidgity, maybe. That's nice to hear it's a phase. I'll try to let it go and not take it too seriously.
My son has started lying quite a bit. That's not what's really bugging me, though. It's the fact that he denies that he's lying and, in fact, gets very indignant about it. Like, how could I DARE to accuse him of lying. At first I would believe him when he would say he wasn't lying, but I have caught him in lies over and over again. And, still, as he's being caught he's acting offended that I'm saying he's lying. And then he's goes on and on about wanting me to take...
My five y/o was doing the same thing and i was walking him back to his room, laying with him and then going back to my room. Problem is, you don't get any better sleep this way, and it didn't seem to deter him from coming in. Then, finally, one night I was so tired with a new baby that I told him he had to go back to his room and I couldn't come. He cried, but he never did it again.
I tell my kids to raise their hands if they can hear me.
Yes, they are outside ALOT. My older one has a difficult time getting to sleep and sometimes stays up too late, like until 11:30 and then is up by 8:00. My five year old is out like a light within minutes of his head hitting the pillow and sleeps a solid 10 hrs. every night. We are homeschooling, but my older one was in school before and was able to sit still. At home it's a little different, though. I don't have any requirements to sit still, but I'm thinking I...
I have three boys and it feels like they can never sit still. Lately I've been saying to them, just see if you can sit still for ten seconds--and they can't! And it gets worse when they're tired. It makes no sense to me. When I'm tired, I rest. I don't bounce around the house. My partner has two daughters and it's like night and day. When his 11 year old girl is tired she lays down with a book and takes a nap. My kids go insane when they're tired and jump and...
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