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My kids would have never stopped nursing at night unless I said no. I would just tell them no nursies at nighttime because mama needs to sleep. They cried for the first few nights but then they got used to it. When I was really patient, with my first one, I would tell him a story when he woke up in the night but I don't think I did that with the second. Having a cup of water by the bed and being ready to get up and maybe get a snack might make it a little easier for...
This is where we are right now, not as bad I think because my 7 mo. old doesn't want to nurse all night long but he still wakes up all night long. And then he'll nurse for a little while and then he'll toss and turn and cry a little until my husband rubs his back and sings to him. Some nights are better then others, but mostly I feel wiped out all the time. With two older kids, this is tough. If it's been a really rough night I do whatever I can to take his first nap...
yeah, i've also noticed that kids with siblings are alot rougher then their only child counterparts.
This is what our intention was, to have a trade off every week, which I was really looking forward to but I don't think it's going to work out. I just dread this child coming over and now my son doesn't want to go over to his house. It's so tricky because sometimes it's just a bad first impression and once I've gotten to know a kid it turns out to be okay but I think we've had enough interactions with this kid to know that it just doesn't work.
kids are scientists. he's figuring out his world and bugs don't really seem like animals, they're more like little robots. both my kids did that and they are now totally sweet and loving to animals and would never purposefully hurt them.
we've only had playdates without the other parent there. This is true, might help if we all went somewhere together.
My dad let me watch any movies that I wanted as a child and I still have fears around some of the things I saw. I watched some super violent movies, though, not kid violent movies. I think it's good to shelter them as long as possible, but eventually they're going to be exposed to it. We do watch Star Wars and Indiana Jones. These movies don't worry me as much because they are fantasy. What scares me is realistic sadistic violence and I don't think you really get...
This brought up a memory from my past. I was very shy like that and wouldn't say please and thank you to strangers not because I was being stubborn but because I felt embarassed. My family made a huge deal of please and thank you and somehow I felt embarassed about it. I do think that this sounds like normal 3 yr. old stuff, though. She's really young.
There are just those kids who I dread having over. One of them, in particular, I like his mom very much and I know she is very excited to have found another homeschooling family and I was excited to...until we had this kid over a few times. Everything just goes wrong, you know. The kid cries over everything and is mean to my five year old and they all fight the whole time they're over. Finally my son has actually told me he doesn't want this kid over anymore. How do...
I didn't read the other posts, so I may be repeating, but what I think is that your child is just fine. You are aware of it and concerned about it and he/she is so young. It's natural for them to get stressed and have tantrums when you're stressed. Kids are very resilient, I'm much less concerned about the permanent damage thing then I used to be.
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