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According to our psychologist at our Children's Hospital, the ADOS is the gold standard for diagnosing ASD. My son was evaluated at age 5 at a different autism clinic and they said he did not meet criteria for ASD. He was evaluated again at age 14 with an ADOS, and other evaluations and did meet criteria. Thinking about you and sending you hugs!
As a clinical aromatherapist, my first question is the quality of an essential oil. I always use therapeutic quality EOs, and tend to make my own blends, or use blends from a reputable company. I would look at each EO added to Amber oil specifically to see if it safe to use during pregnancy. Also, are you confident in the oil you have? My intuition is that I personally wouldn't feel safe using a blend like this. Too much risk for getting a synthetic or chemical added in...
Hugs Mama! Please don't think of it as giving into pressure, but rather using your mama intuition to do what's best for your little one. Hope she feels great soon!!
Have you tried increasing your sodium intake to help retain fluids? My DS has similar symptoms and his Dr recommended increasing fluids, and having several snacks throughout the day higher in sodium- saltine crackers, potatoe chips, etc. You can even purchase sodium pills OTC. HTH
We just started going to Pediatric Pathways. Although we don't have much experience there, they are very supportive of not vacinating. I was shocked that their new pt packet didn't mention one thing about vax record.
So sorry to hear you are having to deal with this!  I wanted to offer support as someone who went through a similar situation.  During a routine dental check up we discovered my 5 year old had 2-3 cavities.  He suffers from significant anxiety, so it was difficult to get a good look at his teeth at the time.  Our dentist was more than happy taking a wait and see approach, and possibly doing the fillings in her office.  After the appointment one of the cavities abscessed...
Thanks everyone! I think all she ate was the grey foam. I called Britax and they sent me a new one for free!!
My DH left the Britax booster seat on the ground outside and our 8 month old German Shepherd ate the foam part of the seat!! . It's the foam piece that goes under the cloth seat cover. It really seems like more of a comfort factor, because now he'll have to sit on plastic rather than a comfortable pad. My DH feels this isn't a safety issue. Any thoughts? Can I use this car seat? Thanks!
I don't remember much because I was only 9 years old, but my grandmother passed away from a stroke after intense, persistent headaches.  When I read your post it made me very concerned.  The lack of coordinated speech, coupled with a headache would make me get to a doctor ASAP.  I wouldn't wait.  Prayers for you and your mom!
Yes!! I am addicted to YLEO!!! LOL!    I love using my pendulum- so helpful for many things!!  You can use anything to make a pendulum- a ring on a necklace, even a bolt on a string.  Hold it in your right hand dangling with your left hand underneath it.  In your mind or out loud think "Yes" and see which way it moves.  Then repeat for "No".  You can ask your higher self to help...  Then ask your son's higher self to help you find an EO that will work for him.  You...
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