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I actually was thinking about you this week, while we were out hiking on a dirt trail and my three year old fell, and who knows what went into his palm. Two days before that his twin cut his finger at preschool with a pair of scissors, and by the time I picked him up hours later it was brown from all of the painting they had done during the day. Tetanus is the one disease that I am still concerned about. All of the other diseases seem to be more manageable, but...
Don't have an answer for you- just wanted to send you love and hugs!
Yep- first child. DH was out of town so we thought there was no way to conceive. DTD 5 days before I ovulated. First month we were trying to get pregnant. On the other end- I am 40 and I get cramping several days to a week before I get my period. Found out my progesterone was low and that is why I am having these symptoms.
I am so right there with you! I think about meningitis, but honestly, tetanus is the one that really freaks me out. I have five boys, they are constantly running around without shoes, stepping in everything!! Today my little guy walked past a neighbor's rose bush and the small thorns caught on his leg- my first thought- tetanus!! I am pretty good about cleaning wounds, and if needed applying essential oils to the area. My concern is when the boys are at...
Head Injuries I always like this site by Dr. Sears for a quick reference.... I agree with PP. Blessings!
Thank you so much for the great info!! I have a friend from Poland and she had told me that they will cook a stew and leave it in the pot on the stove overnight (no heat) and continue to eat out of it for days with no issues. Her American husband gets sick every time they travel there...
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen I never refrigerate eggs. In most of the world theyre not refrigerated. Are these farm eggs, or store bought?
I just realized I left a whole carton of eggs in a grocery bag on the counter for about four hours. My kitchen is probably 80 degrees today. Are they still safe to use?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teachertoys Thank you for the referral! She sounds wonderful...I also read another couple reviews of her work and all sounded great! I'll give them a call as soon as I can get my little one down for a nap. Do you happen to know if they allow parents in the room? Also, I'm not sure what tx is. Thanks again! My kids really like her- I hope she can help! Sorry- tx means treatment They basically have two...
Children's Dentistry of Cherry Creek work303-377-1148 155 Cook Street Suite 401 Denver CO 80206 Dr. Lisa Carlson-Marks Love the practice! Actually tried to switch dentists to get someone in network and ended up going back. She has kids of her own, brought them to the practice when they were babies- they'd always be toddling around the office, and is very conservative about tx. Good luck!
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