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Haven't had a chance to read through all of the replies, so sorry if this was already suggested... Have you tried essential oils? There are many that would be helpful, but I would start with medicinal quality tea tree oil soaked in a tampon. This won't kill the good bacteria- only the bad. If it's more systemic you can do oils internally- oregano oil will get rid of lots of stuff (I've used it before rather than an antibiotic). I have had huge success with...
Quote: Originally Posted by KMK_Mama I use a bio-identical progesterone cream and I'm only 32. I also tried the capsules but I broke out BAD and switched back to cream. It seemed to have worked well in the beginning, but not so much now....although I also take a supplement called DIM to reduce estrogens and I ran out recently and didn't take it for a little while. Now I'm not sure what the deal is. My periods at the moment are 2 weeks on/2 weeks off. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by stelly H and I are increasingly nervous about the idea of twins.... we are going to get a new car soon, but if for some reason we did have twins we'd have to get a different one, and so on... How early do you think they can reasonably tell if there is one fetus or two? I'd prefer not to have many scans, but am interested to know how early we could check and then buy that car! I found out I was having twins at 5...
Just curious to hear if any of you have used progesterone to regulate your cycle. I used to be so regular, and now am showing signs of decreased progesterone so my naturopath suggested using a progesterone supplement. I just turned 40 so it seems awfully young to have to start this, although she said it would be short term. Are you glad you use it? How has it helped? TIA!
I saw Anne Walters initially in my twin pregnancy three years ago and she said she would deliver twins. I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed with her bed side manner. She wasn't a very warm/fuzzy person. In the practice I sent a link for is a woman named Mary Wilterdink- again, I don't know her personally, but know people who do and love her. I decided to use an OB who I loved! OB Associates- 303-730-6000. It's a practice of two male OBs and a nurse...
I LOVE my naturopath!!! Love, love, love, her!!! Okay- that may be a bit much, but she really is awesome!! She is a nurse practitioner too so she can prescribe meds. She specializes in gynecological issues. Here is her info: Highlands Health and Healing Center Jenny Demeaux 303-433-5006 highlandshealthandhealing.com
Thanks so very much everyone for all the great replys!! You've inspired me to save some money and just use my existing car seats!! Since these are the last kiddos in my house it totally makes since to do it this way!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Caneel Cayenne pepper works for us. We could see right where they were entering the kitchen and we put a little mound of cayenne pepper to block their pathway. Haven't seen an ant since. I think I also remember hearing that peppermint oil spray works too. Cayenne totally worked for us too! I tried peppermint EO and didn't have much luck with it.
I worry that I won't get them re-installed in my car the same way if I take them out. It seems like such a hassle to go through that whole process once a week- but too expensive to get new seats. Do other people get extra seats or only have one that they take out of the car? Thanks for the seat recommendation- looks like that one is around $80.00
So sorry if this has been posted a million times.... I need to buy two car seats for my 3 year old twins (40 inches, 35 pounds). These seats are only going to be used occasionally, and for short distances. I currently have them in the Boulevard, but they are nearly impossible to strap in and out of people's cars- especially if they don't have latch. Thanks!!
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