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This will be my first UC, and I plan to do the exam myself. I've seen it done with my two kids, but I have Heart and Hands coming, and I will have instructions on how to do it, rather than just try to imitate what I saw. I've also got a pic gallery bookmarked of normal, variation of normal, and abby normal newborn traits someone linked somewhere. http://newborns.stanford.edu/PhotoGallery/
Remember too, that you don't need to wash off the vernix, you can rub it in. Blood, sure - if doing a waterbirth though, that'll be accomplished for you already!
Yes, at orgasm - every time. And as I build up to it I can already feel it hardening, which can be distracting... :P And leaning over for anything longer than a quick pick-up can start them too.
I loved the water for laboring in with my last, and was pretty much planning on delivering in there too, but dilation stalled at 6cm and I was told I needed to get out... and then ctx were hell. I wish I'd gone back in to deliver, but when they asked I was so uncomfortable (because of the position, I have realized) that I couldn't move without excrutiating pain and ended up delivering laying on my side in bed. I wanted to get into a supported kneel, but it hurt. This...
I'm having them too, at 24 wks, and I probably started noticing them around 20wks. This is my 3rd child, but my second (3y ago) was like a first, as dd was 8 then. I don't think I noticed them this early with him. But this is also my first UP/UC so I think I'm also paying a lot more attn to my body than the previous times.
This, exactly is my perspective, and purpose in ordering the book (which should hopefully arrive this week, I'm excited and can't wait!). There's some stuff you can find online, but I'm really looking for more technical info to be better prepared. And I've found that once I know the names of certain "problems" or variations, it's fairly easy to google and find pics to learn from too!BTW, I totally lol'd about your stained pages.
Congrats, mama, on a healthy birth! I'm so glad you were confident enough (and prepared enough) that you still got your homebirth!
I know this is an old thread, but I just started reading in UC and keep going back, so I wanted to put in my 2 cents... My first child was born breech and there was thick green meconium. My water had broken, and when I wiped, it came away green, looking like diarrhea. My first thought was "I didn't think I wiped that far back" - I didn't. Her bum was in the birth canal and with both legs up it was squeezed straight out of me - never got in the water. Just something to...
I am UP and UC for the first time and due July 14th. I've had a breech HB and a vertex HB, both with midwives, both of which went well, though I think the vertex could've gone better - I should've gotten back in the water. I've been reading online, and plan to order a copy of Heart and Hands for more info. I've read Unassisted Homebirth: An act of Love by Griesemer, which has stories but no technical info, and Emergency Cb by Dr. White (who attended the birth of myself...
when you say "the uc forum", do you mean birth junkie, or some other?
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