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We see Dr. Vines in Hillsborough, and they have been nothing but supportive with our selective vaxing.
At that age I'd skip a bottle and go straight for a cup or sippy. We started our babe with little shot glass-type cups at 6 months and a straw sippy (like Lollacup) at 10 months. She loves holding her own cups!
Aww, sorry to hear that. I hope someone has good advice for you! Best of luck
I don't know about that particular supplement, but I wanted to reassure you about having a short LP--mine has never been longer than 10-11 days, and we conceived on the first try.
I hope you are doing ok! I had a SCH with my pregnancy at 7 weeks and was scared to death, but my follow up ultrasound at 9 weeks showed it had completely diminished. I found online that 93% of them go away on their own with no further complications, so try not to worry to much.
Their pajamas are our favorites. The fabric is so soft and durable, and each size seems to last a really long time! To save money, we buy them used on eBay. They are so high quality the used ones are hardly worn out! Hope that helps.
To echo what other posters have said, my babe didn't like the soft structured carrier (we have a Boba) or mei tai until 5 or 6 months. Have you tried a ring sling? That was our go-to for a long time (and still often is).
I had to respond because for a while with my babe I felt so similar! I had anticipated nursing being this beautiful , enjoyable thing, and at first it really wasn't! I remember crying to my DH, I thought I was going to love this, and I don't! But, you know what? After about 8 weeks, everything become much easier, and now at 7 months every nursing session is that loving, beautiful moment I had anticipated.
I don't have any statistics for you, but a friend of mine had a micropremie at 23 or 24 weeks, and he is now a totally normal, rambunctious three year old. Stay strong mama, I know thing must be so hard right now.
Our doc told us the same thing, except you could allow for one 4-5 hour stretch at night, and so long as you knew babe would eat at least 8 times in 24 hours. We had a peanut compared to yours (6 lb. 4 oz.) but we followed the doc's advice until she had established a solid pattern of weight gain. Have you gone for a weight check yet? I'd let that guide my decision. We were in your shoes 6 months ago, and it gets so much better! Hang in there mama, you are doing great!
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