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Jenifer, that is so sweet of you. I will definitely look at Thebabywearer.com. It would be great tO find a meetup like that around here!
Ooh! Forgot to add my name here. Name - Kat EDD - Feb. 27 Team Green for now This is our first !
That's good to know. I'm liking the look of the Boba, but I don't think anywhere around here has it to try out!I definitely think a variety of carriers will be good, in case baby has a preference. Maybe a wrap, SSC, and ring sling?
So cool! We live in Durham now--hubby finished his PhD at UM and got a job here at Duke. I visit A2 a lot for work, so I still get to visit a few times a year. It's such a great town!
jenifera2, where in Michigan are you? We lived in Ann Arbor before we moved to NC last summer.
Does anyone have an opinion of Ergo vs. Beco vs. Boba carriers? I know I want to get at least one SSC for hubby, but I'm not sure which we'd like most. The newborn insert for theErgo kind of turns me off, but with a Feb. due date, we probably wouldn't need it by the time it starts getting hot around here?
I have had really vivid dreams since a few days before my BFP. I usually remember maybe 1 or 2 dreams each week, but this week I've woken up remembering almost all of them. They've been totally random too! One night I dreamed I was building a castle out of strange Lego blocks--my DH tried to wake me up, and I sleep-murmered, "no, I have to finish my castle!" lol
Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy Is it your too, Teles? Anyone else? I am slightly ashamed to admit I already have most of my newborn cloth diaper stash... I started months before we started TTC! I figured I should spread out the cost, right?? Haven't made my first appointment yet... Just got my bfp this morning! I'll take another test in the next couple days to confirm, and hopefully call after that.
Name (screen name or real): Kat EDD: Feb. 27 Number of kids/partner: DH (Nate); this is our first baby! General location, if you want to share: North Carolina Hello everyone! I'm so happy to be here... This was our first cycle TTC, and it worked! We're hoping for a natural birth at our local freestanding birth center. I can't wait to call the midwife this week! We haven't lived in NC for very long, so I don't know many folks locally. I look forward to getting to know...
Hi everyone! I, too, am officially TTC this month! Thank you all for your kind words and help as I've learned about FAM.
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