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Congrats!! :)
Aww, yay!
Yay! Congrats mama!
Yay! Congrats!
I have no advice but wanted to wish you best of luck. Stay strong mama!
Welcome Madeleine! If it would make you feel better I would lean towards canceling the appt. I know my midwife will only start scheduling that kind of thing after 41 weeks, so on your due date does seem premature. But, odds are everything will look fine anyway There's so much to stress about at the end, isn't there?
I think after 42 weeks. Which is actually so far away I shouldn't be worrying, but ugh. You know.
Buko, yeah, I'm trying to be patient like that, but I keep getting these moments of panic that I will risk out of the birth center and have to be induced at the hospital. I need to remember 39 weeks is still early, and a lot can change even in a day!
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