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Ugh, I'm starting to get anxious. I'm only 39w1d today, but I feel SO NORMAL. No hip or back pain. Intermittent cervix pressure and BH, but nothing different or noteworthy. And I haven't had a constant urge to pee for, like, a long time--most nights I don't even wake up, which seems highly unusual! Baby dropped at like 35 weeks, and I think she's turned anterior based on where I feel her little bum. So why does it feel like no progress is happening?
Yay! Congrats
39 weeks on Wed. over here. Still feeling great--I'm ready for her t be here, but mostly because I'm excited and getting bored of waiting! BH not picking up really, but I'm not sure that's indicative of anything. At least, I hope not a bad sign!
Yay! Congrats!
Yay, congrats!
Aww, congrats!
Oh, I am so sorry to see this. Hang in there and stay positive, mama!
Yay!! Congrats!
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