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Yay!! Congrats!
Aww, congrats!
Woo! Congrats!
Yay, congrats mama!
Congrats! I love the name Autumn
Congrats! Welcome Liam!
37 weeks today, and I'm feeling, like, really good. I sleep like a log, and a lot of my heartburn and other things have gotten much better, inexplicably. (Please don't hate me, mamas! lol) I'm enjoying it while I can, but I hope this doesn't mean I'll stay pregnant forever!
So awesome! Congrats!
Congrats on your little one! :)I'm glad everything turned out okay!
Yeah, I can feel her pivoting from LOT to OP to ROT! Lol! Last week the midwife said she was super engaged, so I'm just going to trust that she'll do what she needs to!
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