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Yay! Congratulations!
Woo! Congrats!
Found this today, and it's making me feel much better: http://midwifethinking.com/2010/08/13/in-celebration-of-the-op-baby/ 
Hugs, mama! Congrats on your precious little ones!
Anyone still trying to eat dates, I've been enjoying the homemade larabar recipes from here: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/chocolate-covered-recipes/fudge-baby-mania/ A tasty way to get them in! :)
Found out at my appointment today that baby is OP. I've been so diligent about my pelvic tilts and sitting forward, too! Midwife did not seem concerned at all, though, so I'm trying to relax.
My BFF loved her Mirena. That said, we're planning on FAM/condoms and VFCs--it'll be harder with nursing, but we used that combo for 6 mo. before ttc, and I loved not being on hormones!!
The girls are so beautiful! I have a twin sister myself, and it is such a wonderful and unique relationship. I hope you continue to enjoy this time!
Congrats!! He looks so sweet
Aww, you guys rock! Thank you so much for the positive stories! That makes me feel so much better!
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