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Does anyone have experience nursing with flat nipples? The midwife at my last appointment said my nipples look somewhat flat (they stick out a bit when cold/stimulated, but otherwise don't stand out) and now I'm getting nervous about my ability to easily nurse.
Yay!!! Congratulations! I love the name!
That makes me feel much better. I searched other threads, and it looks like a lot of mamas have this even earlier in the 3rd tri and had full-term babies. I haven't noticed any bhx or anything. I will ask at my next appt. on Tues. I guess!
FTM question here--what does your mucus plug look like? Yesterday and today I've had some clearish yellow booger type things when I wipe, but I'm only 34w3d. Should I be worried about preterm labor? or do I only need to worry if it turns bloody?
Beautiful story and baby boy! Congrats again
I have about 3 dozen newborn diapers (mix of prefolds, fitteds, and AIO), based on what others have suggested.
YAY! Congratulations!! What an amazing story! I'm so happy for you and your family!
Thanks, that does make me feel better! All things considered, this seems to be relatively mild compared to when I recall having the flu in the past!
And it sucks! Going on day 4 of being sick now... Baby is flipping all over the place, and I'm staying plenty hydrated, but man. Kind of wishing I hadn't delayed the shot right about now!
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