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That's awesome! I've heard this was part of the Obamacare changes coming through. Definitely going to call BCBS now that I know it worked for someone!
I'm totally the same way about baby clothes! Have you seen the stuff from Tea Collection? I love their style, and they have a BOGO baby sale going on right now!
You guys! Have you tried Tums Freshers? They're like a cross between Tums and Altoids and are literally my favorite thing right now, lol.
I have to fly back for my shower, too, and this is exactly what happend to me. (eye roll) My sister-in-law was freaking out about grandma not being able to use Amazon. I'm like, why don't you help her with that? She's probably going to go in on a gift with another relative anyway! My store registry only has small, light things on it, so hopefully people take the hint. I plan on checking a large empty suitcase to fill on the way back.
Yay, congrats!
Anyone else getting sciatic nerve pain? My right hip and outside thigh are hurting at night and when I get out of bed in the morning. Ugh, so annoying.
Just wanted to share! We are thrilled! Her name will be Evelyn (Evie for short)--we just need to find a middle name!
I hope you're doing okay! My SIL got gallstones during her first pregnancy. Probably with the hormones this kind of thing is pretty common.
DH was actually doing some research into this, and I think he found that the correlation only holds for heart rate once mom goes into labor? I'll ask where he found that.
I definitely felt kicks last night! Hubby and I were watching Battlestar Galactica (oh yes) and it started going crazy! It was so strong DH could feel them too! I'm only 16.5 weeks, so I'm surprised (and happy!) to be feeling real kicks so soon!
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