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I think you can keep it a priority to have a minimum amount of stuff, but that minimum is much higher on a sustainable homestead. Living minimally can require reliance on others to provide certain things with consistency and homesteading is somewhat in conflict with that. I think it does take a good deal of organization and space. But you can also be thoughtful about what parts you want to incorporate into your life and what parts you don't. A lot of people get burnt...
thanks! I would love an alternative to the plastic. They used to make them glass.
Still using and still loving, FC. I don't carry it when I'm out, that's just too extreme, lol. Just sewed up a bunch of new ones. I love having a good use for nice pieces of fabric that I don't want to throw away!
I would buy another one from Costco in a heartbeat but they don't carry them anymore as far as I can tell, I haven't seen them there in YEARS. Have you seen them at your costco? Maybe it's a regional thing. I'm willing to travel!
I don't know if this is the proper place for this question..... I'm in the market for a new trampoline, of the large variety, 10-12 feet, I think. I know they are not "safe" but I'm not looking to be talked out of getting a replacement. The trampoline that we have is the same one that we had when I was a kid, and it has been in constant use for probably about 17 years! It was one that my parents got at Costco and apparently it was made to last. It's been losing...
I saw that thread and it probably does cover everything but it isn't the list that I was thinking of..... The list was at some other website and I can't believe that I didn't bookmark it. Honestly, it's probably not even that great of a list but it was early in my raw milk education and it had all kinds of stuff I didn't know about! I'm actually getting a cow of my own but I'm finding out that much of the advice I'm getting is very conventional and I'm not sure where to...
I was once directed to a very comprehensive list of questions to ask your raw milk farmer and I can't seem to find it anymore. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It was at least 20 questions and it covered things like feed but also things like what the cows are tested for and vaccinated against. Does that list still exist somewhere? Thank you!
nope, it definitely has a tag. The tag says 100% polyester, and there's another tag that has some number on it, but no name or anything.
A friend of mine found a baby carrier that was left unclaimed at her business. I can't figure out how it is a baby carrier. There is a chance that she is wrong, but maybe someone can help me. It is a polyester tube that is sewn into a loop and it has a twist in the loop. Does that make sense? It is longer than a pouch, when I put it around my neck it hangs about mid-thigh. Any ideas?
that video was so sad
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