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I'm here, about 10 dpo. Thanks for the July (gasp!) thread!
I suppose quilt squares would work. It is a good idea! I don't think I would, personally. I have found that I like a bigger size than a quilt square would offer and I like a rectangular shape, that I can fold in half. Are you planning on hemming the edges? I don't like it when my wipes fray, so I hem all of mine. With all the washing, a pinked edge can fray quickly. Are you thinking about double sided? If you aren't sewing, I would use two wipes together, but that...
So has it been decided to have no minimum other than to sign up for an account? I see in the most recent contest (luna pads) than the majority of entrants have only one post and no filled out account or anything. Just curious. I love winning stuff and it would be nice to have a better chance
“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads Challenge!”
Dry clay is really not that different than DE. Are you trying to imagine eating a hunk of pottery clay?
yay! I just came across a new, free sheet, so I'm going to make some more wipes, even though I don't really need them. But I'm addicted
so, a question about clay.... I have some bags of it but I haven't been taking it because I am worried. I am worried about the aluminum but I'm not sure that it's a problem. Is there any clay that is free of aluminum? And, how do you take it, and how much?
I'm not generally a mouth breather but I take my temp vaginally and I HIGHLY recommend it! I'm usually tired when I take my temp, so it is challenging for me to hold it in my mouth well, lol. But one problem is that I can't hear the beep when it's under the blankets, between my legs... so here's what I do: Insert the thermometer vaginally when my alarm first goes off and hit snooze, and then I usually fall back asleep. When the alarm goes off (8 minutes later) I take...
Thank you for starting the new thread JMJ! I've been Oing later the last 2 cycles.... I don't know what's up with that. Normal I suppose.
But, I don't think they offer the unflavored anymore...nm, I see, they still do have the old kind. Anyone tried the new stuff? Why can't they just have the regular stuff on sale? I agree, I don't want the flavors.
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