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My DH is 49, he's turning 50 in April. We're not having any trouble here really, DH will surely be the oldest dad when the twins get in school, and we're TTC here. He does look his age, but he's so sexy He's in excelent shape as he practices martial arts(free style nunchaku) and capoeira and taekwondo, he runs everyday(we actually run together so i'm also fit). He's very healthy. In the friends issue, his friends are all my friends, and i have other friends of my own to,...
DH and I grew up Catholic and we married the Catholic way, we picked Mexico we had a Spanish/Afrikaans ceremony, we didn't really combine cultures, we also had an Azeri translator for my maternal family who dont speak Spanish(even though almost all my family speaks Spanish). It was lovely really, a beautiful reunion in the beach afterwards with delicious Afghan food, maybe that's the only Afghan thing that we had in our wedding.
Irreplacable is lame, but the Umbrella song takes the prie for me, ugh, you know the "ella ella" thing. Relient K is a good Christian band, is not boring at all, i didn't even thought it was Christian for some songs i heard, they have titles like "Maybe is Maybeline" or "This week the trend" you should listen to it on youtube.
svmaine, we live in Swakopmund, it's surely a beautiful country, lots of things to see and go around everyday. My DH is an herpetologist, and we've been traveling around the desert, such beautiful sights. Thankyou
A friend of DD gave her the Curtain Call, an old CD of Eminem and another burned CD with other Eminem songs fro her birthday Ok, his lyrics are dirty and gross, but i talked with DD about it(she's 9) she says that she doesnt care what the lyrics say and that sometiems she didn't even understands what they're saying, that they speak to fast and bla bla bla., she likes John Lennon and the Beatles, we're big fans in this household... She also likes Avril Lavigne, but the...
This is so nice!! I'm Afghan/Azeri(Azerbaijan), I was born in Kabul, actually, i was the last child of my Afghan family to be born in Afghanistan, by late 1984 all my paternal family established in Uruguay and Paraguay, my younger siblings where born in Montevideo. I grew up speaking Dari and Azeri at home and Spanish outside. We had the one parent one language thing. My family converted into Christianity in 1987, but we where raised to love and respect our roots, I'm...
Hello, my name is Iria, I'm 28, mum to 4 gorgeous babies. I'm half Afghan(born in Kabul) and half Azeri(mum is from Azerbaijan), but i grew up in Uruguay. My DH is South African but we've always lived in Namibia and we're having a wonderful organic, TV free(except fro the Discovery Channels lol), etc. My children where all born here, while lurking i found out therese a multicultural forum, i'll surely enjoy that and I'm a SAHM.
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