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Quote: Originally Posted by 100%mom Thought I'd bump this thread up. How is everyone? Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow!! We've been busy here. We will be moving after the Thanksgiving weekend. Right now we are living in a two bedroom duplex, but we found a farm house to rent. It will be nice for the kids to have more space to run around. We're moving as well. We're going to a 2 bdrm apartment closer to DH's work. And to our friends that we...
Quote: Originally Posted by eirual i hear ya, wwc. It's a fine line between doing all the work for someone else's wishes (hello, me!) and not being sneaky/dishonest/supporting of their decision. On one hand you have the fact that you're putting in all the effort for a decision they've made, yet on the other the pendulum swings the other way and can you, knowing how they feel and your fertility status, choose to say nothing and let them go through with...
Quote: Originally Posted by annie2186 Yeah, my thermometer has been gone for like 2 weeks now.............I have looked under the bed, in drawers, under dressers........ I think one of the kids ate it! GRRRRR Me too.... And we're in the middle of moving. You'd think it would pop up, right?
Where are you?? I miss the days of my perfectly regular cycle.... Or the days of no cycle. I miss those best, but you know. I wish I hadn't lost my thermometer this past week... I can't pinpoint any ovulation without it. Here's my chart I so fail at this. haha
I totally lost my thermometer this week... Today is CD28. So AF should be along some time, I think....
Zumba is fun! And this can't be just an infection. I've done antibiotics like 7 times now. It just keeps coming back. I get test results Monday. We'll see.
Looks like I didn't actually get AF.... I am just peeing TONS of blood. My CM is still creamy and white. Oops. I just assumed that much blood had to be AF. Might want to head to the doctor...
Holy shorta** anovulatory cycles Batman... I just got AF. During my zumba class. Wtf?
Either my erratic sleep pattern really affects my charting or I'm just not ovulating. Or both. My temps bounce around like crazy.
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