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We did try a few different seats in the store and this one fitted her best because of her body shape (tall and skinny - unlike Mom lol) definitely seemed better than the boosters with no back though.
I did check and her ears were just at the top of the seat, she does have long legs and is tall and skinny! The shoulder straps were a little below now tho, she had a growth spurt and it was fine until just recently. But we got a Graco Turbobooster on Friday which seems to be working great. Thanks, I did not realize I had any replies as normally I get an email notification! Anyhow I am just nervous with the booster but it was time!
Was wondering the same, DD had a growth spurt and is 47 inches now and I think she has really outgrown it finally. She is 6.5.
DD is still in her Britax Marathon but I guess it is time for a booster? Any affordable recommendations that will last a while. I just have honestly felt safer with the Marathon than the cheap booster seat we got on vacation, she is tall and skinny the Marathon has worked but she maybe too tall for it now. Any ideas? I do see lots of threads but a little overwhelmed right now. I have a new chevy HHR.
I KNOW he almost handed the Idol to Adam...but he didn't - can you imagine if he had! No more AI for me, they will never have another singer like Adam...what a talent and he didn't win. Geez! Simon did not stand up for Kris - did anyone notice that?!
What a bummer - I was not surprised - he got a lot of the Danny Gokey votes but even Kris knew he was not the one who should have won - I think he almost wanted to give it to Adam - but he didn't! I wish he had though! I guess America was not ready for Adam - but I cannot remember one song of Kris' and I remember all of Adam's songs*. He was amazing with Queen, wow! I mean how many people could even come close to replacing Freddie Mercury?! ETA Well that could be because...
I still think Adam is the most talented by far though and I actually really like his music - its at least original! The others except for Alison seem nice enough but no sparks fly for me!
Adam is amazing I think - tho there is a fine line between genius and madness and have seen him cross it sometimes lol. I downloaded it from itunes it was so haunting though. Wow.
www.starfall.com was great for DD and both she and I learned to read early, tho I did not push her - she just has always loved letters and learning.
I am thinking of doing WAVA with DD in Sept and/or a local Pi-Program at a nearby school. Her birthday is January and she just turned five, neither course allows them to enroll early, but DD is really bright, already reads, knows most of the States in the USA etc. I have posted here before but I really think she is bored and I would like some more formal structured course to do every day, partly because I am not too organized, and am not really giving her what she needs,...
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