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for my daughter also it was 2ms.but take it easy i understand you because i was like this.i wanted her walk quickly but ev'ry child has his/her rythme of doing things.it's not something to worry about if she takes a little more than 2ms for her to walk.
sometimes it's not easy,when my little girl bites me when she's nursing.but i forget all this when i see her sleeping with a drop of breastmilk running down her cheek,when i see her vitality and her calmness.
hi to all! i have a little girl 20m old and i'm pregnant.i continue breastfeeding my daughter but i don't know if the quality of breastmilk that my newborn will take will be as good as the one that my first child took.do you know something about that?
the best advices that I have heard are: "don't listen to any one,trust your instincts",from my sister,a mother of a 3y old girl and "don't be afraid to give a hug to your kid,she can't be spoiled by a hug",from a friend of mine,a mother of 2 girls,11y old and 4y old.
thank you for all the usefull advices that you all gave to me.
my family lives at greece (i am greek so i speak greek) and my husband is from congo and he speaks french.my baby(17m) has a month now that speaks several words in greek.but i want introduce her also at the french language.how can i begin and when?do you have any ideas? katerina
hi to all!i'm a new member and i enjoy reading your opinions.i have a daughter 17m old and she is greek from me and congolese from her dad.i think that she can understand the diference of color.when she was 3 or 4m she cried when a white man or a black woman held her.she thought that all women are white and all men black.
1.she is 17m and we continue bf 2.15m 3.i have only for one day every month a little 4.never 5.no 6.no 7.on demand 8.4m 9.12m 10.10m 11.a comfort nurser 12.i'm from Europe and i don't know your system of measurment so i give you my measures at the european system:1.69cm height,and i started my pregnancy with 65kgr but now my weight is 59 to 60kgr. 13.yes 14.conventional 16.no
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