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Thank you momma2be_k - really appreciate your input. I have a lot to digest. Still considering another homebirth, but if I do go the hospital route, I will definitely see Avalon midwives and see what I think.
sweet.p - pascack is closed....
Thank you so much - Bonnie - where did you transfer your care? (PS - any day now - very excited for you!). My husband just said to me yesterday "you're psyching yourself up for a home birth again aren't you?" I may be - I had a great homebirth last time with Anne Margolis, and Palisades is 10 minutes away if need be.
Oh great, thank you so much Courtenay!
Thank you so much - I'll give them a call!
really? no options? :/
Hi, I had a wonderful home birth, and loved my midwife. However, I can't go through the insurance nightmare again, and have landed on a hospital birth. However, I don't know if I can take it if I can't have certain requirements met. I'm looking for a midwife (& hospital) near Edgewater, NJ where I can do the following: have a waterbirth if I chose not be hooked up to a monitor (intermittent hand-held only) not be hooked up to an IV allowed to move wherever I want...
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