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Hi everyone it feels so good to here all these families trying liking or even not liking this great alternative to mainstream eduction. We are on year three with my three kids attending a great democratic free school in Minneapolis , Second Foundation. http://secondfoundationschool.wordpress.com/ we love it. One reason to be there is because there is very little bullying and it doesn't go unnoticed or unresolved for long. Kids, boys in our case, naturally seem to get at...
I have tweeked with the times and honestly it makes me tired all the way through the day until about the 22-23 hour it is in my system< I think taking it around 7 or 8pm does it best b/c I get real knocked out with in the hour but hopefully can get up in the AM cutting back on the dose today
I have been on lexapro for 9 months now and slowly have gotten to a therapeutic level of 20mg.s . I take it for anxiety panic and obsessive thinking. Now I can't get out of bed and need to sleep a lot and nap and am very tired. I have had days when I forget to take it and I feel better. Now this is the only medication I have ever been able to take for any length of time and it does work and I don't feel I can go off of it right now. I have tried a million different ways to...
Well we are on year three of Dem/free school in Minneapolis called Second Foundation School. this year is the 40th yes 40th anniversary of the school and it is going great. I've got all three kids in school there and my youngest has transferred her enthusiasm to learn to her free school and takes every class available. Beyond reading and writing math and science this year she is learning guitar, yoga, creepy literature, art, cooking and playing like crazy. She also like to...
all three of my kids go to a dem free school and that really was my first question too. They learn by doing, by being curious and by playing mostly> they also learn by sitting with teachers or parents or other kids and figuring things out from books worksheets or whatever. My daughter is the most engaged in being in the classes and actively pursuing "knowledge" right now her 7 y.o. brother refuses to do any classes and right now I am a bit nervous about his lagging in...
sounds like your daughter likes her school, good deal. I am looking at enrolling my youngest next year at the boys dem school. I hesitate because she has had much success at the public school but I will give myself the summer to figure it out, she definitely wants to go there. It is for me in someways more work as I need to be sure they are learning what I think they should be learning, but I love the school, the community. we will see.
Starflower, I hear you on letting go but if she is happy there then you are doing the right thing. A lot of kids that go to school at my kids school come in PT and stay at home either homeschooling or sleeping if they are teens the other part of the day. Some of the moms and dads just come in and hang out and volunteer, why don't you try that. My kids love going to school, they know they are going to have fun.
why as women are we having to ask how to clean our daughters areas? I mean the same way we do should be the proper answer right? What I am trying to say is what happened to our bodies and body knowledge that we feel that cleaning our kids up is a mystery , kind of like what happened to giving birth.. Does this make any sense?
I am a former healthy vegan/veggie eater that with my kids and the demands have slowly drifted into a not completely toxic diet but one with way too much sugar and processed foods. I have a lot of knowlege on how I should eat to be healthy but my kids have been sick for months and we need to quit sugar and processed foods and really get our vibrancy back. I would love to hear any advice on how to get off the sugar train. My kids are 6,8 and 13
a day early but I won't be on here tomorrow, enjoy knowing you do it all and you do it well!,love thisiswhatwedo
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