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We drained into the shower with this last one.  Though when they had to empty and refil the pool during my first birth I will admit to some pots of water out the second story window.  But it wasn't icky water yet.  
Congratulations on little Colin. I am sorry the birth was so difficult but glad to hear you are both doing well.  
Congratulations, KindRed Spirit!  I've been thinking of you.   For myself,  Ardis Clare was born June 3rd at 9:59 PM. 8lb even.  20 inches.  4 hours of labor ending with a home waterbirth.
Congratulations!  Nice work Mama!  I am sorry you had a scare with him but glad to hear he is well. It sounds like they were pretty good about being sensitive to your needs.  Good to hear.
Still trying to figure little Ardis out.  She was pretty alert the first 36 hours or so then chill and sleepy for a few days.  My milk came in after about 40 hours and engorgment/oversupply is going strong.  She started to be very fussy/screamy at night at day 4.  I've been trying block feeding but she's only 6 days old and it hurts to extend the blocks out.  I'm just now getting to about 4 hours.  At first I thought we were mostly dealing with reflux since she has been...
So sorry to hear about all your challenges elonwy, but glad to hear you are doing well. Friends are good.    Thinking of you  kindRED Spirit. I hope you are well and baby has come or is coming.
I wrote this to my new daughter, given DD1's interest in her own birth story.  The birth was wonderful and FAST.  So the story may be a bit longer than necessary.   As I write this, little bird, you are taking your first walk to the grocery store with your daddy, snuggled in close.  You are not quite 4 days old. I am not ashamed to say that I was impatient to meet you last friday.  Your sister burst into the world a little early so I was expecting you to be...
Well I went into labor late yesterday afternoon, and after a mostly expected runaway train feeling labor, Ardis Clare was born just before 10 pm. 8 Lb even. 20 Inches. Beautiful but very spitty.Good luck to all.
Good luck!.  I hope this is labor for you, but don't feel bad if not.   My EDD is tomorrow. Today at church I was astonished at the number of people who asked "When is the baby coming?" or "When is the big day?" As if I know!  When it's good and ready.  DD was born at 39+5 which would correspond to about now, but was in position for weeks.  This one, well.....   I have had a week and a half of prodromal labor with irregular contractions and baby is stubbornly along my...
Congratulations on little Honor! She is beautiful.  I am so glad your homebirth went well and your beads were helpful.  I look forward to using mine.
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