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congratulations! I loved reading your birth story. Good job making it through!
Congratulations on your beautiful boy!
Congratulations!. Your birth sounds intense but lovely. Enjoy your baby.
Congratulations! I hope youe birth was all you wanted.
Oh my, I just saw all of this.  I am so sorry for your loss and all the other griefs you have been experiencing.  You will be in my prayers.
OK.  Thanks, ladies.  I'll cross that off my list of worries.  At this stage it is so easy to stress about silly things!
So we now have a girl name we like, but the problem (maybe) is that the initials spell a word.  ACT.  The name is Ardis Clare.  Would this bother you?  It is not a bad word, but.  The middle is a family name I love so I am not wild about replacing it.  Thoughts?
Some of these are exactly the questions I came on to ask! For my first waterbirth we rented a pool and kit.  It had liner and so forth.  This time we are going with the ocan reef (the larger fishy pool). I have pump, dropcloth, net strainer, hose (drinking water quality garden hose from costco) adapter (ace hardware: hint unscrew your aerator from faucet and take that to the hardware store) and a cheap aquarium siphon (from petco) because draining was a pain.    But...
I'm 37 weeks now too, and getting lots of "when is your baby due comments."  I'd like baby to wait annother week, but after that......   Already getting crampy and uncomfortable.
Mine has been doing strange things too though I don't quite think that extremely.  But DD1 was tranverse for 8 weeks so I feel your pain.  If you haven't already, you should check out the spinning babies website.  Good luck. keep us posted.
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