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Yikes! Which hospital was this?  I am so sorry that happened to you.  Just out of curriosity, have you looked at the midwife services that deliver at Group health central?  I know that is a VBAC friendly hospital.
I loved my homebirth with DD.  But like everything, there were snags.  For me, I wish I had known:   1. To get the liner in the birth pool right so that I didn't have to spend 1 hr of hard labor out of the tub and alone while it was emptied and refilled.  Dumb.   2. To have someone available that 1st night.  DD was born around 5 PM.  And then she didn't sleep.  At all.  She had horrid gas. We were exhausted by 1AM and everyone had waited until we were settled and...
I am getting increasingly frustrated with dealing with my 4 y.o.'s tantrums when my body is less and less helpful. If she is throwing an absolute fit, I can't really pick her up anymore without hurting myself.  Alternately she will hang on my hand until I am off balance and my hips scream.  If she runs, I can't catch her.  The thing is she knows I am not as strong at this point and at times she uses that.  We use our consequences after the fact but that doesn't help if...
Thank you all for the commiseration and perspective.  I am feeling much more even keeled about it all at this point and am treating it as if I don't know.  I haven't decided whether I'lll ask the midwife if there was anything in the report. I guess we'll see what happens.
  So sorry to hear about your near miss (and the fallout).  I remember reading the story about the school and that truly does sound insane.  It can be Soooooo hard to communicate disability and pain to people who are not used to thinking about it.  I do hope you get to have that conversation soon and that the SPD cools down a bit.     My SPD has been ramping up and it's eclipsing the SI pain I've been having, which seems to be more under control.  Ironically it was also...
12oz at 20w3d.  
I'm a little confused coming off my ultrasound on Friday.  The tech asked me if I wanted to find out the sex and I said no.  We proceeded with the exam and it sounded like baby was looking fine (you know they're not really allowed to tell you anything).  Then near the very end of the exam, while she was finally checking the kidneys and pelvis (the minnow had been playing coy), the tech exclaimed, "Oh, She just peed!  The baby just peed!"  I guess the bladder had been...
Glad to hear the thyroid situation is better.  FYI re the sugar, I have spilled sugar at almost every appt.  So I ended up getting a glucometer and checking manny blood levels.  None were high.  So I guess I'm just one of those women who spill sugar while pregnant.  It can happen.  FYI.
Oddly enough, this may be the one thing you don't have to be worried about.  None of the gloves I have seen in airports or pictured in stories have been latex.  Most have been the blue nitrile, including those in the story about TSA not changing their gloves.
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